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The mission of the Future Programs and Experiments FPE quadrant is to play a full part in the mission of the division and the mission of the laboratory. In particular the FPE quadrant engages directly in and provides computing, engineering, scientific and simulation resources to the emerging research program at Fermilab.
Mission Statements for the Departments and Groups in the FPE Quadrant

  Accelerator and Detector Simulation  
  Generators and Detector Simulations  
HepMC and HepPDT
Monte Carlo Generators
  ILC Detector Simulation  
    ILC Detector Simulation
Simulation cluster
  Computational Physics for Accelerators  
CHEF cvs browser
Software project server
Git repository
COMPASS project
  DAQ and Controls  
  Applications and Infrastructure Software  
    NoVA DAQ Software
VxWorks Support
Tevatron and Main Injector BPM Support
Meson Test Beam Facility DAQ Support
(Past) Online Analysis Applications Projects
  Controls and Collaborative Tools  
    LHC@FNAL Remote Operations Center
ILC Controls
  Electronic Systems Engineering  
  DAQ Controls and Timing  
    ESE Data Aquistion Projects
ESE Trigger Projects
  Detector Instrumentation  
    ESE Front End Projects
  Engineering Support  
    Accelerator Division Support
  ESE R&D Projects
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FPE Quadrant-wide Information
  Mission Statements
Presentations and General Material
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I.F.P. Administration
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