StdHep C++

StdHep C++ is no longer supported. Please consider using HepMC instead.

StdHepC++ has been extensively revised to use the HepMC classes, which provide a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) implementation. Particle data information (e.g. mass, total width, decay channels, etc.) and Particle ID translation methods are handled by HepPDT.
HepPDT contains the fixed data about each particle type. In other words, it contains the data that can be found in the Review of Particle Properties. This data is conceptually split into particle information (e.g. mass) and decay information. We are implementing a DecayModelFactory which will provide a connection between a decay channel and the function used to generate the decays for that channel. This function is a DecayModel. We do not provide any decay functions, just the mechanism to make the connection.


Talks and Papers

The initial implementation of StdHepC++ was in stdhep v4_09.
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